Intensive Summer Portrait-Workshop


This is a one on one private workshop with intense training. The Studio will host the maximum of 4 Students and will focus entirely on the improvement of portrait-painting.


You will learn the complete range of mixing skin-tones, from warm to cool colors. The composition of a painting and the right placement is the key element of the workshop.


The painting will be done from a photograph which we then transfer to the canvas. The priming and underpainting of the canvas with earth colors will be explained and practiced until it is fully understood. The workshop focuses on the completion of at least one portrait. 


Workshop Hours:


27th of July – 7th of August at the studio in Vienna

6 Hours daily / 5 days per week (10 days) /


Mon-Friday 9.30 -12.30                14.00 -17.00 



Full Price w/o accommodation: € 1.800,-


bookings / Buchungen



Girardigasse 10/10 

1060 Wien / Austria 


Telephone: +43 678 131 5240